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E -commerce Development

We have  a wealth of experience of developing E -commerce for more than 10 years and can participate from development plans. It is possible to provide consistent support from system design, development, operation, and maintenance, and provides custom solutions that meet your needs. Pursuit reliability and efficiency and take a certain step to success.

We will support the creation of your own E -commerce site

Having your own E -commerce site allows you to establish your brand more strongly. Optimizing design, functions, and user experience as the requirements of site visitors will make it difficult to handle in a limited range of ASP platforms. You can carry out specific campaigns and promotions, and enhance cross -cells and upsels on the site.







E -commerce infrastructure advantages
using Adobe Commerce

(formerly known as Magento Open Source)

Flexibility & customizability

Multifunctional platform

Global deployment support

Security enhancement


The strength of developing e -commerce

Development Process

End users clearly define the requirements required for the E-commerce system, and the requirements required to determine the range of projects.

At this stage, we will check the requirements with the end user and give feedback if there is any inconvenience or not.

Main work

  • Understanding business requirements
  • Collection of user requirements
  • Definition of functional requirements
  • Setting of performance requirements
  • Establishing security requirements
  • Consideration of legal / regulation requirements
  • Definition of infrastructure requirements
  • Project schedule and budget formulation
We will conduct detailed examinations on e -commerce solutions and system infrastructure configurations based on end user requirements, and propose realized solutions. Main work
  • Requirement analysis
  • Magento solution proposal
  • Consideration of infrastructure configuration
  • Feasibility evaluation
  • Promotion of cost quotes and proposals

Development will be conducted based on fixed requirements and solutions, and tests will be performed for the release. Customers will conduct a acceptance test.

Main work

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Fix bugs
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing

After the system has been introduced, monitor the operation status of the system, and if any disability or problem occurs, it will be found early.

Main work

  • Notification and troubleshooting
  • System update
  • Security management
  • Audit and report
  • Planning and implementation of backup and recovery plan
  • Inquiry support
  • Performance optimization
  • Function addition

Case studies

E-Commerce site construction using Magento

Main functions

SaaS POS (Point of Sale)
System Development

ICHIISOFT have developed a web-based SaaS service that provides a POS (sales point) system.

With our services, users can manage reports from sales, inventory, customers, and all devices and places.

This platform is flexible, reliable and affordable. It helps users to improve business performance and customer satisfaction.

Main functions

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